My powers of being Link are coming to an end, a child will be born near the end of this month, so I will be away for awhile training with my soul reaper powers on Mount Everest, for now, I'll be leaving my modsoul, Navi, in charge, and trust me, it's not Navi the Fairy. Before my child is born, I will place my sword back in the temple of time. Something I never mentioned before, was that I have all three triforce symbols, I'll be returning Wisdom to Zelda, and give Courage to my son, I have no one to give Power to or trust with so I'll be holding on to Power which would still allow me to use the Link powers I posses, but I just won't use the Master Sword or carry the name of Link. I won't however be able to use the Fierce Deity Mask (I know I'm not the Link from Majora's Mask, but I did some work to find it). The point is, I'm no longer going to be Link, mine and Midna's son, Desmond, will be the new hero to carry the heroes name once he pulls the Master Sword, and I fear I won't be around to train him when I've got this war going on now.

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