Parker has been unconcious throughout the week and woke up very angry seeing as he wakes up to hearing the soul society have been purposely ignoring Parker on this war, waiting for him to die because of his Link power fading and taking his son from Midna. The soul society has gone corrupt and the non corrupt part has joined Parker's side to get ready for battle. That is... until... Parker was so filled with rage that he wrecklessly went into his ultimates forms put together with feirce deity mask, hollow mask, werewolf form, and full powered bankai for BOTH swords he has, along with taking mixing in his Mobian form to force himself into super form using his spirit energy. With all that power put together, he brought the battle into an offense battle tactic instead of defense and is now RIPPING up the serei tae. Parker is out for Yamamota's head. As much as we need Yamamota dead, we can't have Parker in this state, otherwise, he WILL die and never come back this time. He can't handle too much energy that can destroy him, that is something Jason and everyone in this war try to prevent, we need to knock Parker out NOW!

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