It's been a while since I blogged any updates so... here it is.

I have forgotten to mention the satellite waves have been translated by a baddass  bounty hunter (who I will want dead eventually). The waves are sending two things: all data and research of the Solaris project, in hopes to do many series of experints to create something using the same proccess that created Mephiles AKA Grey, except extra processes are being made to finish with a result of something far more dangerous than the outburst of Solaris. The other part of the waves is data on others dreamworlds and actual words being transformed and taken over by Tails Doll's sunshine.

On the homefront for Parker's side, the rage has been taken care of thanks to Jason and Ed. Parker was put into a comah that no one was sure when he would wake up from, and feared he may never wake up from it, that is however, revealed when his son was born May 31st. Desmond's birth triggered Parker out of his comah, Parker is no longer Link, he had 3 of the triforces but only has one now, power. Triforce of wisdom has been returned to Zelda and Desmond posses Courage now. Parker has the same abilities that he did before when he was Link, except it no longer comes from the Master Sword or Triforce of Courage, Parker's old abilities are now in a different form generated by the Triforce of Power. The Master Sword has been returned to the Temple of Time, waiting for the next hero of courage to pull the sword.

After Parker waking from his comah, Jason temporarily put Parker's powers on lockdown. Parker will have no powers in his kingdom until Jason is convinced that the war is no longer causing Parker a huge amount of stress that it has been putting on him lately.

That is it for my status report over here.

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