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  • I live in Colorado Springs
  • I was born on July 16
  • My occupation is Youtuber, gamer, writer, journalist, researcher, song writer, drawer, 10th grader, maker of a masked rock/rap/metal/techno band, Founder of Shade Productions, I hang out on Shade Productions Wikia
  • I am Male
  • Parker Sims51

    Nova the Light

    June 7, 2015 by Parker Sims51

    It has come to my attention that in Mobian history, the darks and lights used to exist as a powerful race that has become very ancient that took residence on Mobius long ago. The only thing that could kill a Dark is a Light and the only thing that could kill a light is a dark. Darks and lights can actually be very comparible to a choa. Choas evolve into heroes and dark, the proccess to how some (or maybe even all in the beginning) Lights or Darks come to be is similar to that of how a choa would except for the fact that choas become a hero (light) or a dark by aging and evolving. Some Darks and Lights came to existance by being born by, or of something powerful. Others are born by a rezurrection process from fallen Mobians who are born wit…

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  • Parker Sims51

    So we all know there are ways to get the doll to come after someone, correct? As far as I can tell, there is:

    Bathroom Curse

    Playing Sonic R

    Drawing the doll


    Knowing too much


    Friends who do one or all these things

    For some people, disbelief

    Well I am going to try something new, as a song writer (I do have hobbies you know) I will write many songs about the doll and publish them. All I need is the stuff to publish with so publishing will be a while. Is this stupid? Yes. Do I know what I'm doing? ... . Do I care? No, we're fighting him anyway and I've got a disc with lots of Crush 40 and Mephiles Whisper in case he shows up unless he destroys all my disc players... or Parker's disc players...teehee

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  • Parker Sims51

    Status Update

    June 5, 2015 by Parker Sims51

    It's been a while since I blogged any updates so... here it is.

    I have forgotten to mention the satellite waves have been translated by a baddass  bounty hunter (who I will want dead eventually). The waves are sending two things: all data and research of the Solaris project, in hopes to do many series of experints to create something using the same proccess that created Mephiles AKA Grey, except extra processes are being made to finish with a result of something far more dangerous than the outburst of Solaris. The other part of the waves is data on others dreamworlds and actual words being transformed and taken over by Tails Doll's sunshine.

    On the homefront for Parker's side, the rage has been taken care of thanks to Jason and Ed. Parker wa…

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  • Parker Sims51

    The Awakening

    May 27, 2015 by Parker Sims51

    Parker has been unconcious throughout the week and woke up very angry seeing as he wakes up to hearing the soul society have been purposely ignoring Parker on this war, waiting for him to die because of his Link power fading and taking his son from Midna. The soul society has gone corrupt and the non corrupt part has joined Parker's side to get ready for battle. That is... until... Parker was so filled with rage that he wrecklessly went into his ultimates forms put together with feirce deity mask, hollow mask, werewolf form, and full powered bankai for BOTH swords he has, along with taking mixing in his Mobian form to force himself into super form using his spirit energy. With all that power put together, he brought the battle into an offe…

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  • Parker Sims51

    Nova the Hedgehog was a star born as a Mobian in an alternative Mobian world that has been forgotten. He had star powers which are similar to chaos, he knew how to use his power so well that it was more powerful than chaos power, and he eventually became a dimension jumper. This Mobian world had a kingdom, and Nova was the greatest and most loyal knight in the kingdom. He eas personally selected by the king to be a knight after an incident happened where all of Nova's family members were killed by his older brother, Zeno. The king took Nova in and had him live in the castle, Nova hated his brother and wanted to kill him for what he did, but he didn't follow the same path Zeno took, became a knight, the greatest knight in the alternative wo…

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