γ. The thought of that robot, still running through my head—seems absolutely impossible to quell. His words echo again and again in my head, splitting my consciousness in three. His made-soul built by itself, attempting to bring me to its attention—as if saying that he is, “…still here.” I remember that his theme had a baffling effect on the doll, as I completely weakened him from a distance, managing to save another’s life. His vision, like mine—only set upon the objective of destroying that which most would cherish, family. Family not in the sense being those that have free will, and actual spirits within them, but that of the doll. His family, robots—trapped to a life of inability and limited potential. Silent, unwavering from those objectives—not caring if life passed by. Our motives the same, to free those who are trapped in his grasp. In the end, he ended his own physical shell—as I will have to surely peel mine to grasp what I wish to. Gamma and I are not so different—but he, with a growing sentience, and I with a loss of memory to help me understand who I am as a whole. We both don’t/didn’t feel complete—and we both realize we do/did not belong to this plane. His soul guides me, as I travel through these vague motions—as I scour to find that of which I need to find. But what purpose, does the living-machine (of whom is doubly dead) have to assist me, I wonder?

I must sleep early today… I do not know when I will awake, but I surely will remember whatever I am to dream of, as the robot guides me to what he wishes to show—for me to see.

E-102 Gamma

E-102 Gamma

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