You know... I didn't want to say what price I'll have to pay for the death of that demon, the doll. But I knew that I'd have to give up everything I have for the better of this world, and its inhabitants. We as a species may be diseased--and our villians may be correct in saying that we aren't worth anything. However, I've seen the light that is possible to be held in this world--and that light is worth sacrificing for. Some of us have seen the worst, and some of us--the best.  But for the sake of it all--I'm willing to give something that most would not for our liberty. The very soul I carry.

For it all...

For you, I give it all. For you, in the end I will fall. Take my rest upon this final stone--and the blood will swallow me whole. I've seen the gray in this world, and the colors that we rained upon--see the silence, as heroes die and villians fall. For all the words that carry the right intent--our actions show so much more in the wake of the dawn to come. For you, it will be a way to see your potential. For I, a means to a final end--and a way to end my torture forevermore.

For all those who wronged me, I forgive. And for those who I have wronged--I'm sorry.

But this is something that must done. Or will be done in the end.

In the end, even angels must fall for one another sometimes...

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