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Parker's Puppet Bio (Warning: A little dark, sick and demented)Edit

This puppet was made by someone who hated everyone, but hated Parker most and wanted Parker and everyone dead, after watching jeff Dunham. He decided to make a puppet of his own and practice vintriliquism. After many practicing, he thought to himself, "Know what, it's cool and all to pretend it's alive and all, but what if I made it live? And kill Parker? Along with everyone else". A week later, he got his inspiration on who the puppet should be made after, someone he hates most to show just how much hate he has. One day, the guy watched horror movies, he watched two movies, Frankenstein and Dead Silence, The puppet maker was board from Frankenstein and intrigued by Dead Silence, but then, he looked back at his puppet and thought, "I know how to make you become real, it would make my vintriliquism seem real! Mainly because it's cheating! And when people come back stage, you can kill them!"... he decided to create life by taking apart living creatures, organisms,... and people, opened the puppet, and stuffed many intenstines inside the puppet properly and sealed the puppet back up. When the puppet was sealed, the puppet maker cleaned it off and put it in front of a pentagram pointed south, and began a dark ritual with Dark Voodoo, dark Wicken, and Necromancy. (NOTE: I do not believe Wicken and Voodoo are demon religions, but I use them in the story because they are spiritual religions.) the puppet maker sacrificed thousands of goats that he "permanently borrowed" from many barns. Another thing added to this was science, by performing the ritual on a dark, lightning storm that could roll in any time. He made a giant electrical machine that would electricute the puppet on the left eye, which is the main opening to the organs, the electricity strikes the eye and it channels into the brain making the brain to process the electricity to flow directly to the heart to jump start the puppet alive. He did the rituals, and then waited for lightning to strike, lightning struck and the machine pulled in the lightning and zapped the puppet. nothing happened and the maker felt he did all of this for nothing, so he just decided to insult Parker by delivering it to Parker's house. The puppet maker dropped it on Parker's front porch and rang the doorbell, then ran and disapeared. Parker answered the door and saw the puppet on the floor, "What the-?" he said, "what is this? A puppet of me?! Okay, well... I have fans apparently, although this is an ulgly little shit". Parker set it on a chair in the living room and went to bed. the next morning was like a normal morning, nothing happened still. Parker went to bed early that night. At 3:00 A.M, Parker heard a loud crash in the kitchen and jumped out of bed to investigate. When he got into the kitchen, nothing was there except for cut strings on the kitchen tile scattered everywhere, then Parker heard a voice behind him, which sounded like a goat speaking perfect english, "daddy?"... Parker slowly turned around to see the puppet standing with it's strings cut and scissors in it's hands. The puppet tilted it's head and said,"daddy, it hurts, it hurts daddy. Why does it hurt to cut you?"...................................................... Parker stood in silence,"huh," said Parker finally, "the ugly little shit can talk." the puppet then did a goat scream and lunged at Parker. Parker moved out of the way of the puppet and said "ha ha, loser!". the puppet crashed through the window and dissapeared. Parker got mad, "That's it?" said Parker, "I wanted to punt it across the room and throw it around a little!"

The puppet has never been heard from since, but it roams in the darkest shadows of the night to kill it's victims slowly and painfully, and eats them, dead or alive.


This is the official drawing of Parker's evil puppet

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